The WAAS offers, in collaboration with peers, accreditation programs in most areas of conformity assessment, including testing and calibration laboratories, certification bodies (management system / product / personnel) and inspection bodies.

The key steps in the route towards accreditation are as follows

Application form and document review
The Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) fills the application form, accompany by its internal documents, including the Quality Manual.

Preliminary visit
If the application is successful the CAB can of for a preliminary visit (optional). It allows WAAS a rough estimate of the readiness of the CAB Quality System before a full assessment.

initial assessment
Directed on site by the WAAS assessment team, it covers all aspects of the scope and perimeter for accreditation required by the CAB
Accreditation Opinion by the Accreditation Committees
Accreditation decision notified by the Director General

Periodic assessment
It is performed after the CAB has obtained accreditation; it allows an annual check by visiting the CAB to ensure that it is maintaining the compliance of its management system to the accreditation reference and WAAS procedures.

Complete assessment every two years