WAAS Governance structure is as follows:

the General Assembly (AG);
board of directors BD);
The General Direction (GD).

The General Assembly and the Board of Directors consist of stakeholders from the public and private sectors. Representatives of these parties are legal entities from mainly three types of colleges:

College A which includes accredited bodies, or bodies that may be accredited, or their grouping;
College B that includes business trade associations or representative structures of buyers using or which may use the services of College A members;
College C which includes representatives of the structures defending the public interest.

The GA includes specifically:

Active members : legal persons directly or indirectly involved with WAAS objectives and who are committed to work to develop WAAS action. They are grouped in Colleges A, B, and C defined above.
Affiliate members :legal persons interested in WAAS activities. Affiliate members may participate in GA Meetings. They are not represented on the Board or in WAAS Technical Committees.
Honorary members: natural and legal persons who have rendered services to WAAS. They are exempt from membership fees and contributions. They are not represented on the Board or in the WAAS Technical Committees.

The Board of Directors consists of 9 members, as follows:

three (3) representatives from College A;
three (3) representatives College B;
three (3) representatives College C.

There are eight Member States. For this purpose, the position of 9th member of the Board of Directors is pivotal; it is assigned in alphabetical order.

The WAEMU Commission is a member of the Board without voting rights.